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DS2014: Update

Jenny O'S
11-08-2013, 04:52 PM

We're planning to get the website back up today. You will be able to start to ordering PS-4G (PS for Personal Server).

(Note from IE team: please be aware that orders will only be opened in France at this time. You will be informed of the development of the Kimsufi offer in IE afterwards).

A new ManagerV6 will be integrated on to enable you to manage your PS server. It will be independent of, meaning you'll have new login details, and the list of PS servers will only be visible on The old KS servers will not move and will remain on

The website will be launched today, but you won't see the details of the offers until next week, once we have finished installing the first racks and we're ready to accept the first server orders. These will be servers with 32 GB RAM. In terms of CPU, there will be 4 cores and 8 cores. Ultra-powerful servers for < 50? Yes - that's SYS. You'll also get a ManagerV6 specially designed for SYS and totally independent of, along with new login details. The list of SYS servers will be only be visible on the SYS website.

On, we still have a little work to do to finish the server pages. You will have understood that we have many server models which we are putting into different ranges. The presentation that was ready for today didn't entice me. So I didn't approve it. We're putting everybody on the job to get the website on a par with the dedicated server revolution in preparation.
The servers are basically VERY interesting in terms of hardware, options and prices and you have to be able to find the offer of your dreams in a couple of clicks, without any hassle. We hope to have everything finished by the end of next week.

Apologies for these continued delays but the stakes are too high to settle for something less than adequate. If we re-examine business model and we automatically reduce prices every 6 months, and offer ultra-powerful hardware and plenty of options... you have to see it our perspective - - and your first impression is simply too important. Yes the stakes are huge.

(Note from IE team: Orders on the new and websites will be limited to help us finalise the business plan for both websites. A delay is to be expected in IE due to legal reason. No ETA yet but we will keep you updated).

The quality of the offer we're preparing for you will make it worth the wait.

Best wishes,