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8/8 DS-2014: General info on the OVH range

10-29-2013, 03:05 PM

Here is some general information on the OVH range:

- there is no more professional use
options will be directly available at the price announced on the website. no hidden costs.

- Decreasing Prices
When OVH brings out a new range of servers, the prices are planned in advance and they evolve with time. Let me be specific: prices decrease according to the lifespan of the range. This will happen automatically and at precise dates that have been pre-determined.

The 1st price reduction comes in 6 months after the range being released, at -10%. The 2nd comes in 6 months after the 1st price reduction, and it will be -20% then the original price. So after 12 months the discount is -20% and it continues with further discounts of -10% every 12 months, up to a maximum discount of -40%.

The basic "Hosting" server at 79.99/month.
On March 1st 2014, the server price will be 71.99/month
On September 1st 2014, the server price will be 63.99/month
September 1st 2015, the server price will be 55.99/month
On September 1st 2016, the server price will be 47.99/month

- Partners
As the server price decreases by -20%, -30% and -40%, i.e. at the end of 12 months, 24 months and 36 months, the certified partner will receive 10%, 15% and 20% of the initial server price each month.

From September 1st 2014, the partner will receive 7.99/month
From September 1st 2015, the partner will receive 11.99/month
From September 1st 2016, the partner will receive 15.99/month

- Renewal of the Range and Old Ranges
Everything has been planned so that we can renew the server range every 6 months and be able to offer it at the best price. The prices are fixed in advance and known to everyone. What may change is the hardware, which could be upgraded and thus be better than the previous range.

This means that on the day, you'll be sure to find the server in the range that you use for you or your customers, at a price fixed in advance. The only thing that may occur with time would be the hardware specs surpassing the previous range.

The old server range will still be available on the website and it will follow pre-determined schedule for price reductions. However, in terms of availability, everything will depend on the turnover of customers that abandon the old range in favour of the new.

Basically, you will have choices:
- taking the best hardware + option of the moment at an unforeseen price
- taking the old hardware + option at a reduced price, declared in advance

The "Hosting" server at 79.99 will be soon available on the OVH website
If you order it, you will pay 79.99/month until March 1st. On March 1st, you will be able to "turn over" your server and take a new one from the "Hosting" range at 79.99/month, or you can keep your server and lease it out at 71.99/month. If you turn over your server, OVH will put your old one up on the site at 71.99/month and the customer that orders it will pay 71.99/month, then 63.99/month from September 1st. If the same server is abandoned in 2015, it will be put on the OVH website at the price planned for 2015. And if it's no longer leasable at the 2015 price, it will go to the Brokers site.

- IPs
There are 3 types of IPv4/IPv6:
- static with/without MAC
- FO (Failover) 1.0 with/without MAC
- FO (Failover) 2.0 with/without MAC

The static IPv4/IPv6s will be offered in general and will be available with the "Hosting" range. The IPs are statically routed on the servers and can't be switched from one server to another.

The IP Failover 2.0s are available on the "Infrastructure" range, when IPs are routed through vRack 1.5 and vRack 2.0. This involves a new technology that enables a "0 second Failover" by switching the IP of one server to another, without reconfiguring the infrastructure. The IP FO 2.0s cost 0.99/month/IPv4

We brought out the IP Failover 1.0s in 2005/2006, and they will be available on the "Entreprise" range. We include a certain number of IP FO 1.0s in the server price by default, and for extra RIPE IPs, the price of IPv4 is 1.99/month/IP.

The price of IP FO 1.0s on all old ranges will not change and will remain at 0.99/month/IP, provided that you don't switch them onto servers from the new ranges.

The "Hosting" server at 79.99/month has 32 static IPs included in the price. This server will keep the 32 static IPs throughout its lifespan, even if the price decreases with time. For example, from September 1st 2016 this "Hosting" server (and its 32 static IPs) will cost 47.99/month on the OVH website.

We are looking into the possibility of limiting the dedicated server contract on the OVH website to professional customers only. Consumers, aka the general public, will still be able to lease our SYS and KS servers.
I will supplement the list of general information with your feedback.

Best wishes,