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7/8 - DS2014: Brokers

10-29-2013, 01:29 PM

We talked about KS, SYS and OVH. They're new servers equipped with maximum innovation. The innovation and the pace of innovation depend on the server price. The more the server is expensive, the more the innovation is regular. The less the server is expensive, the less innovation is regular.

In all cases, at some point the server is no longer worthy among our 3 brands and it will go the the "brokers" site to start its 2nd life.

We have a large fleet of servers and instead of having a good deal by offering discounted servers to our regular customers, we have decided to offer these servers to "brokers", who will be able to rent these servers on markets where OVH can not operate. Either because we don't speak the same language, or we don't know the culture, or they are too many payment risks, or because the resellers/brokers job is a plus.

The servers that we can no longer rent on our 3 main brands will now be rented on the "Broker" site. We talk about servers with i3, i5, i7, previous Xeon, etc...CPUs. The servers will have 2 hard disks by default and a 100Mbps network. No option.

Depending on the volume per model, the renewal price will decrease from the fifth server and gradually up to 30 servers per reference. The maximum discount that the broker can get for the renewal will be 25% off compared to the basic price.

We will regularly add new references at the end of their commercial life at OVH. These servers are physically removed from the rack, going through recycling process then installed in racks in GRA where we have planned a specific routing for such offers.

Support: hardware only 24/7 with SLA.

The number of offers will be limited, depending on the number of servers returned.

The site will be in English and prices in $. Offers are exclusively for businesses (with a registration number for instance) and they'll be able to resell these servers in commercial areas where OVH operates. Their is no entry right nor minimum order.

Best wishes,