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5/8 - Ds-2014: Sys

10-29-2013, 12:28 PM
Dear Customer,

So far, we have pre-announced the 3 ranges of servers that will be found on the OVH website: "Business", "Hosting" and "Infrastructure". These are the most common uses and these servers are pre-packaged, with good options to make the prices are as interesting as possible.

With the mSP server at 40/month, we've realised that there's also a market for very powerful, affordable servers, and not necessarily with options. In fact, 80% of customers that ordered the mSP from us at 40/month did not take any option. Even not an IP Failover. Nothing. Nada.

So we asked ourselves the question: why are these customers ready to pay 40/month for a server, without needing anything more than the server? After many many many phone calls, discussions and analyses, we saw that 50% of them has abandoned their KS to take a more expensive server than what they had been paying until now!! Sometimes 2 x more expensive than before. If we ask them why, they answer that the mSP is more serious than the KS for professional business purposes. And when we look more closely, we see that these customers cobbled things together on their KS, and then they decided:

"I want to try and launch my business."
"I want to work for myself, but I can't stop working. It can't cost me too much to try."

These 40/month customers don't need every option possible on their server. What they want is an excellent server with plenty of cores/thread, plenty of RAM, large disks, and hardware support with an SLA, because they have the idea of starting up in business professionally, and they need a "trustworthy" server to support themselves. They are also true geeks, who adore super powerful kit at affordable prices. And they don't need technical support to find out how to compile a kernel or how to update Apache.

They want the basics. Not the extras.

But they can't/don't want take servers from the OVH website yet, because they don't really know what they need in terms of a pack. They start up as pros! And it's their customers that willl actually determine their requirements. And then OVH prices can be a bit too costly for start-ups, and these customers don't want a KS because it isn't adequate enough for professional use. It's more for playing around with or testing, but as soon as business purposes come into it, something more robust is required. A nice piece of hardware that's robust. Hardware support with a reliable SLA. The KS is basically "not expensive enough" to be a start-up server.

As a result, we have worked on the "Essential Servers". Powerful, affordable servers with all the essential features. Servers that have the basic without any unnecessary extras. The server is powered by a latest generation CPU, up to 8 cores and 32 GB RAM. We include 3 IPs by default and a 1 Gbps network. The customer can thus use it for virtualisation. We also include backup to avoid data loss.

In terms of virtualisation, the customer can use the IPs included as they can reroute the main IP ports to the virtual machines. We are faced with geek customers that know how to exploit all the hardware power using all kinds of technical tricks. A great start-up server, or an excellent server for essential things. We're being direct with the "Essential Servers".

To begin with, in terms of price we're running at < 50/month. We're talking about very powerful servers with lots of RAM. The vote will tell us exactly what you prefer from these 8 models. We only want to offer you 2 offers,
and so it will be difficult to choose the servers that meet as many of your requirements as possible. The server comes with all options included and there's no extra to pay.

In terms of support, it will, of course, be independent of the OVH website.
The purpose of the support is to deal with hardware incidents, and only hardware incidents. A phone n to repair the hardware if it's broken, with 24/7 follow-up of tickets.

In addition, the SYS will have its own manager but no API. The servers will thus be exclusively in this manager and not on the OVH manager at all (same thing with the KS). The purpose is therefore to create a a brand that is truly independent of OVH to provide a type of dedicated server with the basics but no extras, and support included.

The servers will be available in Europe and Canada.

"Essential Server" is a code name. The new website is being built and the servers will be called SYS. SYS is an abbreviation of the name of the new brand, which we will create in response to this new market, located between the and websites.

So we will manage and as well as brokers and gamers.

The scene is starting to look interesting...

Best wishes,