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1/8 - Updates on the "sold out"

10-29-2013, 12:23 PM

We're making good progress with the 1st test of the new range, using the new business model. But the work to be done is just huge. We're working our socks off here...

Some info:

- On the OVH website, you'll find 3 ranges of servers for 3 principal needs that we have identified. We will launch votes on the choice of servers for each range either from tomorrow or Monday. According to your choices, we will offer the servers with the most success.

- We will launch a new brand with the code name SYS. It will be a super hardware range with awesome gear at a ridiculous price, with very thorough basic support.

- We're preparing the site for brokers with all the second hand servers at very interesting prices, decreasing according to volume.
The idea is to offer the servers that we can't/don't want to offer under our brand names, from alternative outlets. The site will be in English and $.

- The "certified" Partner Programme will enable us to pay retrospective commission to customers that manage 10 + servers for end users. Remunerations will be made according to the life cycle of the range of servers.

- We're going to incorporate a discount that will depend on the life cycle of the range, with a decrease in price starting 3 months after the launch of a new range, and an automatic programme enabling discounts of up 40% off the initial price.

- There are so many changes that we have decided to take 10 days or more to explain what we're doing and what the benefits will be for different customers. This means that depending on what you do with the server, you'll be able to do it under better conditions
than before, by using one range or another.

We need to take time to explain how you can harness the power of our new offers.

- Hmm… I have loads more to say, but we need keep calm and take the time needed to explain what's in store.

Best wishes,