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STABLE Anti-DDOS Protection Now Included

09-24-2013, 08:59 AM

2-3 months ago we announced the works on the Anti-DDoS protections in the forum:

Since we worked on setting up these protections with the aim of offering you a service by default, without time limits, or limits in terms of the size nor the type of attack. We set up 3 infrastructures called "VAC" which have a capacity of 480 Gbps/480 Mpps coupled with the backbone, where we have more than 2 Tbps additional bandwidth to receive and then to mitigate the attacks.

This is a lot, but there's no marketing in Anti-DDoS protection. There's no marketing.

Either it works and it holds up or everything fails. So we wanted to protect your servers without causing our backbone to fail nor other customers. And so it was necessary to design a protection which is capable of protecting you against any attack. Basically, it was necessary to think big right from the start. To date, we have the largest mitigation infrastructure to have been publicly announced, probably because we are the only ones on the market to practise transparency, even when topics as sensitive as DDoS attacks are concerned.

The challenge we set ourselves was to design a mitigation infrastructure capable of taking attacks of 0.5Tbps, while offering it at a incredibly low price: the target was set at + €1/month per service. We have re-examined the technical solutions

once more in order to innovate and do things differently, bigger, cheaper and faster.

In contrast to the market, we actually estimate that Anti-DDoS protections must be included as part of the service and must fully protect all customers, without exception and without difference in the service that is actually offered. We didn't want to have paid Anti-DDoS options because the number of attacks has strongly increased in the last 2 years.

2 months ago we announced that we had chosen to share the costs of the Anti-DDoS service for all customers, and to reduce the increase in the price of the service for old clients as with the new. We are happy to announce that we have managed to keep this commitment.

Starting from today, the Anti-DDoS service passes to STABLE mode and we are integrating the cost of Anti-DDoS into the price for the following services:


- VPS: +€0.5/mois

Serveurs dédiés
- KS: + €1.0/month
- SP: +€1.0/month
- FS: +€1.0/month
- EG: +€2.0/month
- MG: +€2.0/month
- mHG: +€3.0/month
- HG: +€3.0/month

- host S +€2.0/month
- host S++ +€2.0/month
- host M +€2.0/month
- host L +€2.0/month
- host L+ +€2.0/month
- host L++ +€2.0/month
- host L2 +€3.0/month
- host L2+ +€3.0/month
- host XL +3€.0/month
- host XL+ +€3.0/month

All these services thus come with Anti-DDoS protection which protects against all types of attacks, without limitations.

If you sign up for a whole year, then DDoS protection is included, so the service price does not change.

We have developed 3 exclusive innovations which are included with the professional use option:

- permanent mitigation, instead of auto-mitigation i.e. you can activate the mitigation 24/7 instead of letting OVH detect the attacks, activate the mitigation and deactivate it after the attack.

- the firewall network allowing you to authorise all ports where you have the service, and to block all the rest.

- the access to the archive of flow through the VAC over 7 days, with the possibility of extracting the logs for analysis, with information on what has been blocked and what has been accepted.

As announced, the price of the professional use option on EG and MG passes from €15/month to €30/month. No change to SP and HG.

For the VPS, KS and Dedicated Cloud which do not have the pro use option, we will be offering the "Anti-DDoS PRO" option within a few days.

In terms of SLA, we add the commitment to detect the attack and to ubject it to the auto-mitigation, which takes less than 90 seconds.

To find out more on Anti-DDoS protections, go to:

Best wishes,