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Exchange 2013
09-09-2013, 04:00 PM

We have pleasure of announcing the release of Exchange 2013 at OVH. The Exchange running at OVH accounts for 10% of Microsoft accounts in France. There are many reasons for this:

- The customers want the original Exchange, not copies, but they want it to be hosted in Europe. We can offer both.

- Our offer is very competitive and simple to use. If we look at the cost of a collaborator per month (wages, charges, workstation
VoIP etc) add less €40/year to facilitate working in a team with a smartphone, the calendar etc is a very good investment.

- Our private offer lis hugely popular because it allows total insulation from others customers. The customer has his own resources and guarantee that no other customer stores emails on the same server.

So what's new with 2013?


- We are offering 50GB for €3.29/month

- Exchange 2013 is a great success in terms of ergonomics on the level of Webmail, for example. We find the Outlook interface without having to install Outlook.

- We've put the packet on Manager v6 which facilitates email account management. Ergonomics revised and validated by several customers and retailers. Very simple to use and above all very fast. Let's get down to essential.

- APIv6 it's a killer in terms of features as well as the speed. Much effort has gone into optimising the response time of the API to improve the management experience.

- We reviewed the hosting platform to be able to deliver up to 20,000 accounts per domain name. While offering a new private platform. Now we backup in real time instead of every hour. We have improved the recovery in case of failure with failover infrastructure: if the master fails, the slave takes over all requests, then when the master is back, it synchronizes with the slave backup and takes requests. So we ensure 99.999% availability SLA.

- We have built the specs for reseller offers with much cheaper prices compared to what you can find on the market. We also add to this the API with reseller features and v6 manager dedicated to resellers. This version should be launched within 3-4 weeks: we are waiting for the feedbacks to make sure that we are going to the right direction before finalizing the reseller section.

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