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OVH Support/Processes

09-10-2013, 08:04 PM

I really do appreciate your actually reading through. I do hope that "corporate" buys a clue as FR thinking doesn't translate well to the rest of the world


Jenny O'S
09-10-2013, 04:35 PM

We do appreciate your feedback on these issues that you feel are important and we do strive to give the best support possible to all our customers at all times.

We will take these suggestions on board and try to improve on these areas where we are falling behind.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback and appreciate your input.



09-09-2013, 11:29 AM
Greetings all:

I know because of the piecemeal method in which OVH has grown, that forums have been lowest on the totem pole "so to speak" but, at least have proper host names that are consistent across the brand for the forum hostnames!

I've not had a chance or desire to look at the other OVH domain properties with regards to the forums, but this is just a simple thing that should be standard across all OVH domain properties. Every OVH forum should have the same method for forums forum(s).OVH.TLD… with the variations of hostname redirected to the proper HOSTNAME.TLD

I know I've been really tough on the unfortunate OVH Staff that receive my emails, but this type of thing is endemic of the huge, and I mean huge problem with OVH support. As an OVH customer for a rather long time, at first via resellers back in 2007 and then later as ordering on my own I need to ask the following:

1. Every single OVH Staff person I've had the pleasure of actually talking to on the phone at has had fantastic demeanor and fantastic attitude and has demonstrated and succeeded, with time in helping. My question is, why is the email and ticket support so distant and dismissive (one line: "sorry, if there is anything else, please contact us" type thing?, or Software Fault, (That is a failure of Management). I'll refrain on my CA incident. What exactly, is the process for support, and why do you not give all information available to the Staff?

2. You have a centralized method of communicating tickets with regards to infrastructure problems and related incidents (weathermap/trav); why do you not have a status or related display for server deployments, inventory and projections that Staff can access live and relay to customers?; Staff that deal with actual customers should not have to guess based on a Twitter feed from a CEO/DM that is trying to juggle the entire planet (Again, failure of CEO). Why is support and customer service now secondary in EU?

3. Take 1.5M of the earlier raised funds and increase customer service systems (across the board, not just CA as you have put more effort in). OVH seems to be on a path of growth beyond means with that funding. If you simply choose infrastructure over support and client services, that is a recipe for degradation. The entire brand across all continents should enjoy the same service and support, PERIOD. It is called Brand Ubiquity, you currently have Brand/Location Separation, which is funny - and sad at the same time. I know you have capable Staff, why do you limit them in the EU?

4. TO OVH Staff: Question your "managers" when appropriate, we (The Customers) are here because we love OVH and have stood with OVH, but at some point you have to somewhat step up to be our advocates to correct/bring foreword issues which the "Directing Manager" or your own Managers ignore. As Customers, we rely upon you, the OVH Staff, to be able to give us information, and a voice, that affects OUR OWN business decisions and allows us to keep using OVH. I won't ask a question as it may harm your stance.