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KS SP en Sold Out
09-02-2013, 07:56 PM

Since the end of July, our new range of servers has been immensely popular. We receive astronomical numbers of orders every day and we would like to thank you having confidence in us.

We thought we would make up for delays during the holidays and be able to deliver in 1hr again from September 1st. However, we realise that we are not managing to deal with order quantities greater than our current production capacity, despite the fact that it was doubled in August. And after the record number of servers delivered in August (almost 20,000 servers!), the month of September looks to be even more intense.

Managing a high growth issue in a country undergoing an economic crisis may seem to go against current trends, and it's an extremely interesting issue to deal with. However, our teams have been under pressure for 5 weeks and fatigue is starting to set in. And then we don't just do dedicated servers here at OVH, we also do hosting, which requires a lot of manpower, as well as domain names, ADSL, VoIP, Cloud etc...

Basically, we must balance the internal pressure, and then make sure we maintain our commitments.

So we decided not to accept further orders for the KS and SP ranges, which are now "Sold Out", and to concentrate on delivering outstanding orders before taking any new ones again. In short, we must keep to our commitment to deliver servers according to the delivery times stated on the website. We estimate that we will need 2 to 3 weeks to work through all the backlogs. We will then look at what must be done to handle this growth more effectively, knowing that in terms of production capacity, we will not be able to exceed what we did in the month of August.

With the FS, EG, MG, HG servers, we're also seeing strong growth, but we think we'll be able to the catch up with the backlogs within a week on these 4 product ranges, and be able to deliver within 1hr by the end of the week.

In the past, we already had to deal with this kind of issue and we know which strings we can pull, while having new ideas on resolving this positive (but temporary) issue.

Best wishes,