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KS 2013 Clarification
08-05-2013, 11:46 AM

We have many orders from resellers who are trying to bypass the limit of 3 KS 2013 per customer.

A little history


OVH offers its services in 20 countries via its subsidiary companies, and accepts some customers outside of these 20 countries.
A reseller market was automatically created to sell our servers in all other countries. We accept this way of operating provided that the resellers respect our contract: no spam, no abuse, no illegal content etc. Basically, don't resell our services to just anyone.

Since KS 2013, we are no longer accepting resellers on the KS 2013 range. The KS 2012 or 2011 can be resold, but not KS 2013.
If you want resell our servers, you will have to take the SP/EG/MG/HG range. Not the KS 2013.

We're really surprised by the fact that some resellers - who we've been working with for years, who are VIPs, and with whom we have a close relationship and regular exchanges - are trying to bypass this simple rule nevertheless. It's extremely disappointing.

So we had to re-examine our internal system of accepting orders for the KS 2013. This has taken us 10-12 days, because we saw increasingly vicious cases. In the end, we had to refuse Paypal payments because there were far too many accounts created by the same retailers to bypass our verifications.

Since Friday, the developers have been working hard, and are accepting or refusing orders. This morning we instructed Paypal to refund all the orders. An email will be sent out to all customers whose payment was refused. We will not give reasons for refusal nor any indication of how customer uniqueness is verified.

The KS 2013 is a personal server. Therefore there will no longer be any possibility to change the server contacts.
Resellers will not be able to give their customers control of the KS 2013 servers.

If we find that resellers are still not playing the game, we will look at cases individually, and we will refuse renewal of ALL the servers that a retailer has with us, regardless of the quantity. We have already taken this kind of action with 2 resellers in the past (too much spam).

We built the KS 2013 range to offer a personal server to people that want to get their first server on the net. We did not create it to get rich nor to help the resellers get rich. The party has been spoiled somewhat due to delivery delays caused by this kind behaviour, which we were not expecting.

Now, that our internal system is up and running, we will be able to begin the deliveries. We expect to deliver 30,000 KS 2013 this year and approximately 100,000 KS 2013 the following year. We have the space, the energy and the network, and we really want you to discover what a dedicated server has to offer.

As a reminder: KS support will now be provided via, including for incidents. We will offer the basic support as we do on all the other servers in 2-3 weeks, for an extra €15/month, as well as PRO use at €15 extra/month. At €2.99/month, you get the hardware connected to the internet and the forum to understand how to make use of it.
...And that's the exciting part: learning.

Best wishes,