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New GTLD with no commitment
08-02-2013, 08:46 AM

We are now offering reservation of the "new gTLD" domains names, which will arrive at the beginning of 2014.
This is reservation with no commitment i.e. shortly before the day arrives, we'll send you an email to let you know you can now order the new extension at €XX (we don't know the prices yet), and there won't be any obligation to proceed. This means at that point, you can choose whether to pre-order or not. The rule of "first come, first served" will apply, so the aim is being able to get the domain names first when the day arrives.

What's the purpose of reservation?
For us, we'll be able to see which new extensions really interest you. There are more than 2000 of them (!!) and not all of them are interesting. Which ones are interesting to you? And which ones not much, or not all? We need to make choices on our level so we can integrate the "new gTLD" and we want to offer you the extensions that you really want.

Ready? Go to

.ovh is coming soon but under another form. We are a not a registry for the "new gTLD" domains, but we are a registry of .ovh.
We are looking into when the order process can be launched (actual orders - not reservation or pre-order).

Best wishes,