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vRack 1.5 BETA
07-31-2013, 05:00 PM

In follow up to the announcement on vRack 1.5 and 2.0, which we will be offering in stable version from September 1st, we are entering into the BETA phase.

75% of the servers are already connected at the level of the 2nd network interface. The remainder will be done over the coming days. There are several tens of thousands of servers. The datacentre teams have been working like crazy over the last 3 weeks.

The APIv6 and the manager are nearly finished and we need you to validate
what we have coded:

-the 2nd network interface has to be activated

Following this, our robots will detect your server's position in our infrastructure, and then authorise you to create the vRack (with ease, in a mattter of seconds...) It's an automatic operation, but it can't be done unless your 2nd port is up.

So, if you have an EG, MG in RBX4 and RBX5 (lossless) or a HG in 10G (lossless), you have the 2nd network interface.

How to activate:

on EG/MG: ifconfig eth1 up

on HG: ifconfig eth3 up

Thanks in advance!

This will enable us to validate our internal factory and then to start giving you the tools to make the vRacks between all the SD, then the SD+pCC, then the SD+pCC inter-DC. We think that by the weekend or next week, you will already have access to the APIv6 to carry out the basic operations between your servers.

PS: the MG in 10G will not be compatible with vRack 1.5 nor 2.0

Best wishes,