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Loyalty and IPv4 FO
07-25-2013, 07:34 PM

You are entitled to three IP FO without professional use with each server. If you need more than 3 IP FO, you must sign up for professional use and then rent RIPE IP for €0.50/month. At that time, RIPE registration is updated and your name is shown as the owner of the IP block with the country, address etc.. IP FO are assigned to OVH and offered in each country where we have a subsidiary.

OVH will launch a loyalty program in early August for customers who have been renting the server for several months. From the 4th month you will be able to rent one additional IPv4 per month of service, without the PRO option.

So basically you get the same number of IP FO without the PRO option as the number of months you have already rented the server (except for the first three months when you had 3 IP included).

In short

Length of contract => Number of IPv4 FO without PRO
0 months => 3
1 month => 3
2 months => 3
3 months => 3
4 months => 4
5 months => 5
6 months => 6
[...] [...]

If you sign up for 6 months you have automatically the possibility to rent 6 IPv4. The same for 12 months with 12 IPv4, etc..

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