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Dedicated server at 2.99!
07-25-2013, 04:10 PM

We have just opened the biggest data centre in Europe with a capacity of 350,000 servers. It's called GRA, located in Gravelines (Northern France The works took several months to complete, and the DC has been operational for the last 3 months for internal purposes.

We worked on the new Kimsufi version in secrecy with one goal: to offer a real dedicated server for less than €5. After 6 months work, we are able to launch the server for ...only €2.99/month! We have completely reviewed the hardware, electrical infrastructure and network for maximum redundancy, but also to reduce costs. For example, we're no longer using UPS, each rack has 3 batteries instead that simultaneously feed a 220V/12V rectifier, which powers the servers directly with 12V. This is just one example of the creative thinking employed to fix problems specific to KS-2G. Unfortunately these innovations don't apply to the other ranges of servers.

The range
We have 3 servers in the KS range:

KS-2G powered with an Intel ATOM, 2G RAM, a 500GB disk and a 100Mbps connection. Price: €2.99/month.

We also offer a KS-4G 4GB RAM, 2 x 500GB SoftRAID for €9.99/month and KS-16G powered with i5 Core VT with 16GB, and 2 x1TB for €19.99/month.

PS. The €2.99/month payment is very low and to avoid excess bank charges, payment is for 3 months minimum.

We have changed how we route the servers to reduce the costs and it's no longer possible to order additional IP FailOvers. It's a simple and quick routing, without options.

We will start deploying the servers early next week.

Why this server?
This is a personal server, which is perfect for sysadmins, testing, traceroute, file storage, virtualisation, and monitoring, etc. Basically, everyone needs a small server to do 2 or 3 essential things

More information:

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