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All inclusive SSL
07-24-2013, 12:56 PM

We are often asked: "How can I get my own SSL certificate on web hosting?". Others regret that OVH does no longer offer SSL.

We have decided to be back on the SSL market but with a different offer, fully automatic and that works without any handling by the customer.

For €49.99 per year, we propose to implement an IPv4 (IPv6 optional for free) dedicated to a site. We install the SSL certificate on the IPv4 then we re-configure the DNS of the site to use this new IP instead of the web hosting's IP.

In terms of hardware, the service is based on high performance encryption cards that allow SSL at the same speed as without SSL. In any case, we don't use a server CPU to make the SSL ;-). The infrastructure is redundant with the master / slave principle ensuring high availability and SLA of 99.999%

The service is at €49.99 / year when ordering a new web hosting. We will soon offer the SSL option for all sites already running (directly in Web Control Panel).

The service is perfect for:
- e-commerces that need SSL easily,
- resellers looking for added value and technical offer with high performance
- those who use SSL on the server directly, using standard CPU.
IPv4 / IPv6 IP is dedicated to the site and therefore is unique which helps SEO.

Technically speaking, we generate an SSL certificate for your domain name, then we automatically install it on the infrastructure. You can not recover files with private key and certificate (security issue related to the usurpation of the domain name).

The EV certificate option, which will cost necessarily more, is being reviewed. But the process of creating an EV is more complex and requires human validation. In all cases, we will not offer the installation of an external certificate on our infrastructure.

If you are interested in this service for a VPS, dedicated server or dedicated cloud, please let us know and we'll think about it.

More information:
(This offer should be available by the end of August in Ireland).