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Latest Datacentre Update
07-23-2013, 08:16 AM

Since the beginning of the year 2013, we have been working hard to to conclude 2 projects:
-upgrading our network in Europe
-building RBX6, GRA1, BHS2 and SBG2

For 2 years we have seen very substantial growth in bandwidth. At the beginning of the year, the increase in bandwidth each month was too great in relation to the speed of the internal works we were able to carry out. So we decided to change the bandwidth rules in order to give ourselves 4 months to finish the transition to 100G coherent.

These works have been completed on RBX/LDN/AMS/BRU and RBX/PAR/GRA/LDN/RBX. We carried out the last upgrade on PAR/SBG/FRA last week, and so we are going to re-open the floodgates. The capacity of our network is in the process of passing from 2Tbps to 5Tbps and will very quickly evolve up to 10Tbps, while ensuring an incredible cost per Mbps.

As previously announced, all of our DCs are running at 95% capacity since April. We have accelerated construction works for new datacentres in order to meet your requirements, but we knew we had to wait until July/August for them to be ready. We are finally there and we have results: the works on GRA1 and BHS2 will be finalised in 3 weeks and SBG2 will be finished by the end of the year. RBX6 will be operational very soon. So we have space again to keep up with the growth. The capacity of our datacentres passes from 150,000 to 250,000 servers.

We will no longer be bringing out 2 or 3 ranges of servers per year. It takes a considerable amount of synchronisation to achieve this within a specific time frame, and it simply takes too much time between making the decision and the launch. Instead, we will be making small changes here and there, throughout the year. The market is also moving faster and we have to adapt our speed, so there could be changes every week or even everyday...

Best wishes,