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2013 Re Loaded
06-28-2013, 09:16 AM

Following feedback received on the forums, we have decided to (re)load the EG, MG and HG range by doubling the RAM on all servers.

EG thus passes to 64GB RAM (as before), starting at €129/month.
And the price of EG SAS passes to €159/month.

MG has 128GB RAM starting at €169/month and MG SAS passes to €199/month.

mHG 128GB RAM from €149/month and mHG 256GB to €249/month.
We are aligning the prices for all customers that have already placed orders.

HG has 256GB RAM starting at €299/month
HG SSD, Hybrid and SAS are powered by a double E5-2687W (!!) with 256GB RAM offered at €349/month.
The same server installation costs apply.

The customers signed up for 2013 Reloaded will be upgraded to 2013 (Re)loaded.

We have also noticed that are not familiar with all the new storage technologies such as FastPath and CacheCade.
Somebody forgot to do their marketing...

We will be offering benchmarks next week to show you how the 2013 (Re)loaded range "rips it up" term of disk performance, as demonstrates in this article:

Yes... yes.... that means between 3 and 20 times more I/O according to the application.

To find out more:

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