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p19, RPS and mC
05-02-2013, 11:02 AM

Sometimes good things come to an end...

Yesterday we informed our P19 customers (yes, there were still 1200 servers in use, the oldest one being 12!)
that we will have to withdraw the leasing and hosting service for P19 dedicated servers.

The P19 datacentre will in fact be 10 ten years old in a few months and it will be progressively modernised to meet current technological standards. We will be using it exclusively for shared hosting, which runs on 4 major dedicated clouds.
We will be adding 4 more dedicated clouds in order to offer private shared hosting ...this will allow our customers to remain in a managed environment and to have dedicated private resources.
Works will begin in a few weeks and will last for 18 months (3 rooms need to be renovated and we estimate it will take 6 months to do this, then to manage the hosting migration between rooms).

p.s. the email service will be migrated from P19 to Gravelines starting at the end of the year. P19 is basically a small datacentre of only 12000 servers.

Since 2011, RPS is no longer being sold and for data security purposes, we wish to cease to provide this service to existing customers. The filerz are more than 3 years old and must be updated to avoid future incidents and eventual data losses. We'd prefer to end the service.

miniCloud will also be withdrawn for the exact same reasons as RPS. It was the 1st cloud infrastructure we created in 2011, and's not perfect.

p.s. PCI 2013 will be initially offered in Gravelines, then Strasbourg and Beauharnois.

We would like to thank our P19, RPS and miniCloud customers for trusting us all these years.
We currently have multiple services which respond to requirements of the 3 services soon to disappear:
KS, SP, EG, MG, HG, VPS, PCC, PCI etc.

For customers who have already payed in advance, you will be receive a refund in your prepaid account or via bank transfer.

Best wishes