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Dedicated CDN
03-29-2013, 04:42 PM

We are pleased to announce a new Service: Dedicated CDN (Content Delivery Network). This offer is based on our infrastructure deployed across 20 POPs worldwide. the purpose of the offer is to accelerate the exchange between your visitors that are everywhere around the world and your web hosting, vps, pci, server, pcc or a hosting offer that you have outside OVH.

Is it used for something?
On the website you have a small video we did from Quebec on a site hosted at OVH without CDN and with CDN. It's just awesome!

Why dedicated?
This is a dedicated offer because we include an IP Anycast dedicated to you. You can install and configure up to 1000 domain names on your dedicated CDN. You can then resell CDN to your customers or share it as you want.

We include 1TB of traffic in the offer and you can top up CDN with traffic that you consume at your speed with no time limitation.

The offer is €9.99/month with IP Anycast.

Learn more:

You have 10 backends included in the offer and if you need to redirect a new domain name to an 11th IP of a hosting infrastructure, it will cost you an additional €1/month. Similarly, you can set 10 cache / nocache rules per domain name. Beyond that, €1/rule.

The manager v6 is still under development this is why it is a GAMMA offer. We will add statistics functions that are missing in 2-3 weeks before switching to the STABLE version.