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01-23-2013, 07:10 PM
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Happy New Year 2013

Emails are rare but it is only a matter of time for this channel of communication to resume its normal life as well...
We will soon be launching VPS 2013 GAMMA. It is the commercial and technical update of vKS, Geo vKS and VPS that we've offered for 2 years.

Why version 2013?

We have sold more than 15,000 units of vKS and VPS Offers. It may seem a lot but we're not very happy with this volume. We plan 100,000 VMs per year with the VPS 2013. To do this, we've reviewed the offers technically and improved commercially the prices and the services. Also, from the tests with Geo vKS, we saw the marketing limits for the geolocated offers in 9 locations in the world. "Why would I take a VPS in Dallas, TX?". A good question for a lot of customers.

3 offers for VPS 2013
We wanted to review the whole VPS offers and better address customers looking for VPS for web activity.

So we setup 3 VPS offers:

- VPS Classic which are cheaper, from €4.99 p/m with 512MB vRAM, upgradeable up to 16GB vRAM

- VPS Low Latency are geolocated around the world, from 9.99€/month

- VPS Cloud which is a high-end offer with 24GB of vRAM and between 512MB and 16GB of guaranteed RAM, the rest being on SSD disks. Always from €9.99 p/m

To know more about VPS 2013:

It covers all WEB markets:
- WEB development
- Databases
- Content management
- E-commerce
- Messaging
- Mobile
- Geolocation

with the ready-to-use distributions for WEB applications: CPanel and Plesk.

The VPS must therefore be seen as a natural evolution of webhosting customers (not a replacement dedicated server). IO, maximum bandwidth etc... were not selected as the main criterion in the implementation of VPS 2013. Ease of use, warranties, backups, evolution, the overall performance, distributions and the number of IPv4/IPv6 are the basis of the offer.

Exclusive: on the VPS Cloud, we offer Windows and Linux at the same price.


The offer works perfectly well in technical terms. We always use pCC to deliver the VPS and we added recent innovations such as Nexus 1000v. Therefore, we know the music, after 2 years, so it rolls well technically.

On the other hand, we're starting a new upgrade in terms of API and Manager to switch to v6.

And we need feedback on the manner of explain what we want to offer you, then adapt our development in the right direction. We do not want to lie and say that it's all done, but just warn that, regarding the management, we still have 3-4 weeks to complete all developments and upgrading work to put the offer in "stable".

What's new in API v6:
- Switch to RESTful
- No user/password to login
- With the user/password, it creates a token for the application (similar to oAuth)
- Possibility to use API on a third party site without giving user/password
- Rejection of right to an application from a third party site
- Possibility of reselling "managed" VPS to end customers and develop the tools for managing VPS: you develop a nice interface, clients have an OVH VPS, want your interface and you will be able to offer it via a token to a VPS client.

To follow the evolution of the API v6, subscribe on the mailing list

To know more about API v6:

This movement is very important and requires that we adapt the documentation to your questions. As VPS 2013 is the first to switch to v6, this will find the bugs on v6 and therefore it won't be in GAMMA for nothing, but to allow everything to switch to v6 together.

The Manager v6 version is also in dev and is already based on the v6 API. The purpose of the v6 is to create 4 universe, and VPS belongs to the WEB universe. That is the manager adapted to Webmastering activity. The idea is to help you in the daily handling, as quickly and simply as possible, of the domain names, IPv4/IPv6, emails and hosting spaces as shared hosting and VPS.
We are thinking to provide the manager v6 WEB in 3 to 4 weeks, with 5 webmasters profiles... Yes, we have the ambition and work to do. This is how we define the lines of how it will be and propose things that don't exist at the moment. Taking the risk of being wrong
then again...