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Beta: Wind turbine prototype

12-14-2012, 12:18 PM

As already announced, OVH has been investing in wind power for about a year. In contrast to all wind power projects, it is not a "financial" project but a technological project that we internally call a PoC: Proof Of Concept. It's pretty crazy. 1 year ago OVH decided to generate wind power but then at the same time we wanted to help a small startup business in Northern France, who want to develop a new generation of wind power. For now the market is completely blocked by 3-4 builders who have closed agreements with banks and therefore no other manufacturer of wind power can grow due to lack of funding. So to go against the flow of what's happening, we love it!

In short, we decided therefore to order the prototype for this wind power that nobody has ever built before and have advanced the funds to the start-ups so they can start buying the parts and build. This wind farm was established near Valenciennes. Seen from the highway next to Toyota. This is a prototype which must pass certification tests that will take several months. If all goes well then we can take it down and establish it in wind fields we have in Alsace. This field is currently empty and awaiting the wind farm. And since we do not want it to be just another standard field with old technologies, it is funded by ourselves without banks who do not want to hear about this project.

Here are some pictures of the establishment of the proto:

There's some information but a lot of technology is patented and so it is still a trade secret.

Hopefully in 2012 we will have our wind farm installed and generating electricity. The goal is to become autonomous in terms of energy production by around 2015. And thus provide hosting solutions that no longer depends on the price of energy. It's our internal goal.

But we have already spoken on a mailing list about this project which, if it works, will mean that we will be able to locate to other fields that are empty because for the moment they're not profitable enough given the method of financing them (totally speculative) and also due to changes in state policies. Why don't you invest in projects that kill 2 birds with one stone - to be a good investment, green energy production must create a true wind energy, wired throughout France that generates mass employment and a stable industry.

It all seems a bit mad. It is. But we believe in it. And when you see the first wind farm you will really want to see more...