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hubiC and Apple
10-19-2012, 11:18 AM

after about 3 months, we can no longer validate the
Hubic Apps with Apple. This
New app has bugs fixed and
new features (sync).

The problem is that Apple claims that HubiC is a
cloud storage product and we sell premium
versions, and these premium offers
must be available via iTunes!

It is EXTREMELY surprising since none of our
competitors, that's not Apple, is not obliged to
do so. Apparently Apple wants to sell their
iCloud or otherwise have 30% of the turnover
of all other cloud storage that are not American!

In addition, Apple is trying to force us to abandon
our login and password system and use
iTunes login and passwords! That
is unacceptable to us. You trust
OVH and we can guarantee the confidentiality
your data if you use our system
login/password. If you use the Apple system
and Apple is subject to the Patriot
Act, your data is under the Patriot Act! And therefore
we can not guarantee anything. Also,
it is unclear how Apple may require Google or
Microsoft to use their login / password ... and
why force them to use the iTunes login
as Google, Dropbox or Microsoft are already under the
Patriot Act?

In short, there is something that is being
played between Apple and OVH. We are not
subject to the Patriot Act and we see that there is a
different treatment with respect to our Americans
competitors who themselves are subject to Patriot Act.
We cannot help but think that
someone is not happy that there is a
cloud storage system that escapes intrusive
eyes and it is impossible to know what
happens there. How many clients? Who are our
customers? What they store in Hubic? Yes,
Hubic is under the radar of the Patriot Act and
this is not under control ...

We will not give up. Hubic remain under the radar there.