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2013 Dedicated Server Bandwidth Trends
08-14-2012, 05:14 PM

We have more and more customers who have (large) infrastructures at OVH. Customers with 4-10 servers have become customers with 50-200 servers. This despite the fact that since 2007, we have implemented the rather restrictive global bandwidth per customer. The goal was to discourage youtube-like customers to use our services and not to impact our usual customers
that have 1 to 5 servers.

With the arrival of the coherent 100Gbps consistent network and new routers which have large capacities of ports per chassis, we can start to evolve the rules of the global bandwidth to encourage the (large) infrastructures to use our services. Also, we want to propose more guaranteed bandwidth to our existing customers who have 1-5 servers.

We are talking about the bandwidth between your servers and outside our network. The bandwidth within our network is not limited and that includes RBX, P19, SBG, BHS and GRA.
Within our network the limitation is the speed of your server port: 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps. It's perfect for backup, for a Web server to communicate with an SQL server, or a web server with a file server. At this level the bandwidth is guaranteed whatever the range and therefore a maximum of server port.

So what is the new SLA on bandwidth?

For SP, we will upgrade the Premium SLA from 200Mbps to 1Gbps per customer. The server is always connected with 100Mbps so it doesn't make any difference to a customer who has only one server. But if you have multiple servers, you can now consume up to 1Gbps of global bandwidth, with no extra charge. So it's different if you have 11 servers or more. Therefore if you want even more guaranteed bandwidth for your 11 servers and more, we can deliver up to 4Gbps of guaranteed bandwidth on SP.

If you have projects that need more than 4Gbps of bandwidth you need to use EG / MG / HG servers because the network design for the SP does not guarantee you more than 4Gbps. We are talking about the bandwidth really usuable and continuously 24/7, not the burst of a few minutes with the QoS that shares the remaining bandwidth. We speak about guarantee to use the port server at the maximum, 24/7 without impacting other customers.

The Infrastructure SLA bandwidth is exclusively for HG servers and ensures 1Gbps of bandwidth per server (!) then 10Gbps per customer (!!). If you you need more,* we can guarantee up to 40Gbps (!!!) per customer. This is a record on the European and US markets.

The infrastructure SLA bandwidth is also proposed for pCC with the ratio of 1Gbps guaranteed per host (whatever the type of host) and10Gbps infrastructure upgradeable to 40Gbps.

If you need more than 40Gbps of really usable bandwidth, OVH is not the right person for this kind of need.

The global limitation of bandwidth is per client, not per DC. If you have an SP server in RBX, 2 in SBG and 3 in BHS, you have 6 SP servers i.e. 1Gbps.

The global limitation of bandwidth is per server type and so if you have 6 SP servers and 4 EG servers, you have 1Gbps for SP servers and 5Gbps for EG servers.

We can summarise these three types of bandwidth as follows:

Premium SLA: 100Mbps guaranteed 100Mbps burst, 1Gbps per customer
- 2Gbps option per customer +€990 p/m
- 3Gbps option per customer +€1,990 p/m
- 4Gbps option per customer +€2,990 p/m
SLA Business: 300Mbps guaranteed, 1Gbps burst, 5Gbps per customer
- 6Gbps option per customer +€990 p/m
- 7Gbps option per customer +€1,990 p/m
- 8Gbps option per customer +€2,990 p/m
Infrastructure: 1Gbps guarantee, 1Gbps burst, 10Gbps per customer
- 20Gbps option per customer +€9,990 p/m
- 30Gbps option per customer +€19,990 p/m
- 40Gbps option per customer +€29,990 p/m

OVH can offer you this today because since 2003 we have decided to invest in the fibre optic network in Europe and now in North America too. This is not the case for our competitors who lease capacity and/or manage the network as a cost/profit. As a result: they can not guarantee the quality of the bandwidth to some national destinations or they have costs significantly higher than us. From our research, OVH is the only one in the world market to adopt this strategy. We have therefore now decided to play the global network card thoroughly .. and affordable.