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pCC 2013 changes
08-11-2012, 05:28 PM

As already announced, we want to improve our pCC offer with new technologies and see the status of the the existing pCC after 1 year. The development will lead to the launch of pCC 2013.

Here are some trends.

We will continue to provide resources in 3 minutes but we will no longer charge them*hourly. we will include a number of free hours each month based on the existing range. If the customer keeps the resource beyond what is included they will be charged the monthly price. At the end it will be the same except that it will be easier for our customers and for us.

The negotiation with Cisco is moving better and we think we will*include Nexus 1000v in the offer by default. We must now think about how, in terms of prices, to migrate*the existing pCC but mostly to add many new features. The list is long and many new things are possible such as reselling up to 4000 private infrastructures on the same pCC. Your customers can order 5GHz of CPU with 12GB of RAM on 14VMs in an isolated network with a private /27 and you can manage up to 4,000 customers like that.

We will also include the*basic Cisco ACE offer, which will allow you to load balance,* to protect against attacks and manage large clusters of servers at the same time. The basic offer will allow you to manage a small cluster of 10Mbps that you can upgrade up to 1Gbps. More than 3 minutes will be needed for this.

We will also include a VPN login per pCC by which allows you to build a bridge between an encrypted IP at home and the pCC. It can be a VPN machine,
a VPN modem or .. an iphone. Then you can add other logins. This will work on internal projects with private IPs (not public IP ) and limited to 1Gbps per VPN.

For those who want a VPN++,the RBX, SBG, BHS pCC network will end in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, IL and
San Jose, CA. This will allow our customers to connect at 100M, 1G or 10G on dedicated and private on the pCC from their existing infrastructure worldwide. Example: you have a datacentre in Paris, we can offer you a connection to 100M, 1G or 10G from your network to our datacentre in Paris and then transport you from to pCC RBX, SBG BHS and so dedicated, private and warranty . Your pCC no longer needs the public network, everything is private. VMs, ACE etc. on a private IP. It can host large internal projects to the pCC and enjoy the full power of pCC and flexibility of it while isolating its own infrastructure and pCC. If you like the offer, we can offer it to you from 22 cities around the world (with connections premises via local operators as needed).

In terms of storage, we will revise the prices downward, through Hubic that will make several PB of storage (after migration to the new infrastructure). In terms of hosts, with new features and new licenses, we will revise their prices upwards. The price of packages will be increased and give you more interesting features like adding a host / storage to your existing pCC and not by a new package with a new vlan. In fact, we now offer you the Nexus 1000v you will have 4000 vlan with a single vlan on the pCC. You no longer need to take a new pCC with a new vlan for isolation. With a 1000v you have it 4000 times. At our level, we wanted to maximise the vlan so that you didn't just take a new pack with a new vlan just because it's cheaper to add resources to the unit.

OVH is offering Hubic PCS (Public & Private Cloud Storage) based on the OpenStack swift. This is a "pay as you go" offer in its public version (that exists) or private (that doesn't exist). Used with an API. For now we do not provide NFS / iSCSI service for the VMs.

I hope that in the end we will finalise everything and give all the details. This is already in the pipeline.