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OVH blocked access to my Dedicated Server

06-27-2012, 06:05 PM
Best proof of that is no response of OVH Staff in this topic. None at all.

06-27-2012, 02:36 PM
How it finished? I claimed refund.. They as always told me it was my fault that somebody got attacked me and their network got f****d up. Very poor service, worst ever.. I am moving to a professional company.. not kind of this something.. not clue how to call it do not not use bad words..

They have no idea what they do.. they have no clue what to say once you call them.. they do not know what is happening.. every time I had a problem.. even it was definitely their issue they always was saying the fault was on mine side.. it is impossible to claim refund for not received service.. they do not respect timing matters in accordance to the contract.. they do not read what you write to them.. they do what they want.. they see what they want to see.. I do not foresee future for OVH if they gonna provide such poor quality service where in current times when we have everything made in china the quality is so important. Shame.. shame.. shame.. If I would be a employee in OVH and it would be the only source of money I would have.. I would better like to tell my friends that I work in rubbish recycling than there..

Waste of my time to say more.. no worth..

No clue about other services, I was talking of course about service I personally was using.. dedicated servers..

06-10-2012, 01:47 PM
Joke!!!!!!!!!! Joke from OVH side.. nobody was responding me.. still no responses.. thank God I have friends who are Customers of OVH.. it is possible to connect the SSH/Machine from OVH network.. what does it mean?

This mean the above first screenshot I gave is bulls**t from their side.. who is working there? I guess incompetent people.. if cannot recognize that routing is F****d up.. their routing simply looped in during DDOS attack instead of false backdoor report..

4 days being offline.. 7k dollars of loss.. cuz of money I had to pay back to own Customers who asked for this and other inconveniences..

I understand incidents happening.. but how come it is possible they to do not look after it for such long leaving Customer for downtime for nearly a week..

Also.. for their false break in report.. I checked bash logs and others.. no trace of it..

06-10-2012, 01:40 AM
They still blocking access to my server forcing me to wipe all my data. Providing not working Rescue Mode FTP access.

14h passed.. I requested technician change.. no response.. OVH is still blocking access to my data with unknown reason. This for sure gonna finish in court because of loss it makes + refund according to the contract they broke.

Good hint to everybody.. once something bad starts happening better leave OVH.. as one week down time is minimum.. last time.. about year ago when I had issue with my machine.. wasn't so bad as is now from their side.. but also I was complaining a lot.. never again deals with french people.. they do not give a s**t about others.. also I would be able to say much about their competence.. or better.. say nothing about incompetence of people working down there in data center.. the technicians even do not read what you write to them.. or read only what they want to see.. will be calling Irish OVH Offices on Monday..

06-09-2012, 08:42 AM
Hi All,

I am OVH (best plan reload) Customer from 2 years and I am in very bad situation because of the OVH's ignorance.

3 Days ago somebody performed DDOS attack on my machine. It wasn't so huge, cuz it blocked only one of my VMs.

And bump, All died in one moment. I went to see status of machine in the manager and what I could see.. machine restarted in Rescue mode.. no information from OVH.. blocked possibility to boot machine in any other available way.. e.g. hd or rescue pr0..

They sent me some ftp login and password what do not work..

No information what is happening.. after 8 hours somebody responded on my incident ticket sating me this **** below..


later after 14 hours after numerous of my messages.. 4 calls to ovh.. I received this useless information http://screenshooter.net/6304152/dsfdygm

Another 16 hours passed and no response from them..

They are forcing me to wipe all my data even the OS is there.. working and stable.. they do not allow me to run my machine normally.. they do not allow me to use the service I paid for..

One day of being offline is loss of 3k dollars for me.. 2,5 day already as I am offline.. I am loosing my own customers.. I do not know what to do.. they simply ignoring me..

This is what they are doing is ridiculous.. what I am going to do on Monday is go to court and sue OVH.

And the support.. how to claim refund in matter of not respecting timing matters?

This is how they are treating Customers is not acceptable.. They even do not read what write to them.. as there is no answer for any of my questions..

Anyone can suggest me something?


Seems they restarted my dedic in rescue mode.. still cannot connect.. it refuses any connections.. no trough HTTP as rescue pr0 offers.. no possibility trough ssh.. I tried to boot from HD (after they unblocked boot options after 30h of waiting) and even there refuses my connections attempts.. another day passed and they still did not solve the incident.. irritated.. I replied to the ticket.. I guess they gonna make me wait another 30h -.-