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Release of Virtual Kimsufi (vKS)

05-28-2012, 10:51 AM

Here is a new range of simple, powerful and economical VPS: The "Virtual Kimsufi". The vKS is the smaller brother of the Kimsufi range, with great performance for a low price.

It's the ideal server if you want a mail or small web server without breaking the bank!

Here are the packages:

SMALL 1vCPU 512MB RAM 25GB Storage 4.99 +vat/month

MEDIUM 1vCPU 1GB RAM 50GB Storage 7.99 +vat/month

LARGE 1vCPU 2GB RAM 100GB Storage 14.99 +vat/month

No setup fee

Website: http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/vks/

We are always keen to hear your feedback and to know what you do with your servers, so please don't hesitate to post your comments here.


OVH Team