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BHS < 1 day
05-23-2012, 10:32 PM

We are nearing completion of work so that we can start the BETA in North America.

The purpose of BETA
We want to find the operating conditions of a real datacentre.
That's why everyday we're offering between 45 and 90 servers.

How to order?
Tomorrow at noon we'll set up the ordering process to participate in the BETA. In France first and then gradually all subsidiaries.

To avoid the "noise" like during the validations for ALPHA orders,
we've changed the process.

The procedure is now automatic and very simple:
- You must have a twitter account and "follow" @ovh
- On our website (URL tomorrow) you need to request to participate in the BETA through your twitter account
- They send you a code on your twitter account (in DM)
- You enter the site and the order is taken into account
- You receive the validation in a DM on your twitter
- You then receive a DM saying "your server has been delivered".

That's it. It takes 60 seconds to make the order.

Server production then starts this week with the expected deployment of the first servers early next week. Then this will quickly move up to 45 - 90 servers per day. But clearly we can not guarantee that we won't have any delays. It's a big logistical challenge to synchronize new stocl levels in such a way that all the necessary quantities are being produced at the levels being offered. It does not happen in just ones week but it won't take more than 4-6 weeks.

Pricing and Billing
The BETA is free and without obligation.
Billing will start on 1st August, maybe earlier if all goes better than expected. We don't charge anything for this service in Europe

The server that you will be offered is the miniSP 2012, based on 2130 Intel Core i3 2x2(HT)3.4 GHz with 16GB RAM, 2x1TB of connected disk space at 100Mbps. The price after the BETA of this server will be the same as in Europe which is €49.

This server will be offered in two weeks to U.S. and Canadian customers, from our Canadian subsidiary. It will be free during the BETA and then $69 p/m from 1st August (must be finalised before the payment and billing system).

During the BETA we will produce different types of servers. Today it's the miniSP. In two weeks it will be the EG or MG. And we propose the pCC in BETA during the month of July. Still the target is August 1st for billing.

In short, it's very close! even though we're all very tired. It's a bit complex, between what we want to offer while continuing to manage the time lag and synchronise all our teams.

It's a real adventure ..

More tomorrow.