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OVH Android 0.1.5 available on the market

02-07-2012, 02:06 PM
New version available in the Andriod market:

OVH (beta)

Here's the changelog:

=== VERSION 0.1.5 ===

- New widget for VPS monitoring (Caution, known issue in Android : it might not be possible to use the widget when the application is installed on the SD card)

- details
- contacts
- DNS servers
- owner details modifications
- renew
- whois obfuscator configuration for multiple domains at once
- operations listing for all domains

- details
- contacts
- reboot
- reinstall
- FTP backup
- monitoring
- service monitoring
- statistics (MRTG)
- secondary DNS

- modification of personal information

- Geolocation (details section)

Bugs & Enhancements
- Added an action bar
- Various UI improvements
- If the user leaves the application while logged in, he is automatically logged back in when coming back to the application
- Bug fix in the cache system
- Bug fix in Secondary DNS (VPS)
- Bug fix in Tasks (Support)
- Added a launch screen
- Using a new mechanism of signed sessions, fixing the problem of "session invalid or expired" in cas of IP change
- Fixed a bug : would sometimes crash in VPS=>Boost power when rotating the device
- Fixed a bug in the VPS monitoring widget
- Fixed a bug in cache system
- Fixed a bug : the beta popup message would show up again when clicking the home button
- Added popup notifications in case of available update