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VMs not networking properly

10-25-2011, 03:27 PM
Hi, I have a Windows 2008 RC2 SP1 server running Hyper-V, I have messed it up numerous times (changing network configs for VMs).

I set the mac addresses for the VMs in hyper-V from the OVH manager MAC for VPS section, I have tried both the vmware type MAC and OVH MAC in my manager.

The virtual network is set as external - with the only network adapter, and the checkbox letting the host manage the adapter is checked.

Then I configured the VM network adapter according to http://help.ovh.co.uk/BridgeClient, specifically

IP = failoverIP
subnet mask = (didn't need to do the trick)
gateway = the first IP i got with the server ending in .254

nameserver =

The network would connect, but there would be no internet access.

I tried this in both hyper-V with windows 2008 base and proxmox, and they all give the same results.

update: added screen shots the first one is all my settings, the second one is the VM not picking up the internet


update: here's ipconfig /all in the vm

Thanks for any replies