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09-09-2011, 07:58 PM
We're moving to the gamma version of our ADSL2 +, VDSL2 and SDSL.bis EFM offers. The gamma version means that the technical problems no longer exist and now we validate the business model, i.e.: the content of the service and a price that makes the offers sell well

First of all: we separated the ADSL on instead of which was struggling to collect all the content we wanted to set for

So the site is

OK! But that offers ADSL2 + in OVH? And what's the story with VDSL2?

OVH offers 5 offers: no!Box, no!TV, Double, and the Pro and SDSL.bis EFM

- No!Box
We're still offering the "no!Box." The offer was slightly modified:

- As the name implies, there is no box.
So OVH no longer offers the modem as an option. So that makes sense, and means you have to have one yourself.
Therefore the offer is intended primarily for resellers who know what they do and can configure their modem. It's basically for customers who can implement the service without the help of OVH.

- In terms of price, in beta, we tested the price varies by area, A, B, C, D, and the price changes depending on the total and partial unbundling. That's a lot of different prices for a single tender. And it's a bad idea, especially since
most orders are fully unbundled and in zone A, B. So we decided to replace it with a unique offer for all zones and 2 unbundles at a single price of E16.66 per month.

- Between the installation costs, termination costs
and commitment, we had to make
a choice: either you are charged E50 fees
and you can leave whenever you want
by paying E50 or you are locked in for 12 months
with free installation or termination.
It is a choice. It is difficult and to
decide we offered a promo with "no
installation charge."And there's no photo:
installation costs are a very important barrier to purchasing.
So we choose the offer that
sells better: E0 for the cost of installation
and therefore E0 for termination fees, but 12
months commitment.

This offer is for retailers and
technical customers. You must have your own
modem and know how to configure it.

The offer is available throughout France.

- EFM SDSL.bis
In beta, we launched the SDSL.bis EFM offer
at 5Mbps symmetrical guaranteed at E25 before tax per month
with installation costs of 300E with a modem
It is an offer that appealed to many. So we offer it again.
And we remove the cost of installation ..
yeah! But with 12 months commitment. Boo!
... competing offers are 4 times the minimum price. Yeah!

The offer is for those who already have
Internet connection and need to increase
their upload to the Internet at lower cost.
You perform backups? You have photos
to upload every day? You need to
link PCs together? Via VPN? This offer
is for you.

This offer is only available on our
DSLAMs or 180 NRA, which are being

- No! TV
Here no!
For E20 excl. VAT per month, free installation,
no cancellation fee, with a commitment of
12 months you have an ADSL2+ offer which is
VDSL2 ready with a box, WiFi, an online
phone with fixed and mobile included.
And no TV. Simple

The offer is open to all physical and moral persons
that need Internet connection, telephone and no TV.

It is available throughout France.

- The Double
The Double is offering ADSL2+ which is intended
for couples, families and TPE. You
have an ADSL2+ connection, VDSL2 Ready, two
fixed and mobile telephone lines included, two
Exchange Mobile 1GB accounts and a 100GB NAS Cloud.
You can manage your small family or your
small business cheaply. With Exchange
you have email on your iPhone, Android,
you can synchronize calendar, contacts, and with the
NAS Cloud you can synchronize
files no matter where you are or you can find
them via webdav.

The price? E25 excl. VAT/month. No installation costs,
or termination and 12 months commitment.

The offer is for couples, families
who want to get their main phone line
and also entrepreneurs,
TPE and for businesses at large who
needs an Internet connection and professional telephone.

It is available everywhere in France

- The Pro
For Pro, we have planned an ADSL2 +, VDSL2
Ready with 2 phone lines + 1 line with
a real phone to choose from. The three telephone lines
have fixed and mobile included. You have 5 Exchange accounts
and a 500GB NAS Cloud. Bravo! Your
company has grown

Then the options: when you have a business
with employees who work on the Internet
your connection should not fail. With Pro
you have the dual option Wan that allows you to
double your Internet connection with a second
ADSL2+ connection back via France Telecom.
That is, by default you have the ADSL2+ connection
and if that fails, you switch
automatically to an ADSL2+ via France Telecom.
You have an option of telephone lines,
additional email accounts, disk space
on NAS Cloud and so on.

The Pro starts at E39 excl. tax per month, free installation
or termination costs and 12 months commitment.

It is aimed at SMEs/SMIs with 5 employees
and more.

It is available everywhere in France

- VDSL2 Ready
What OVH says with OVH VDSL2 is that your
Box is connected to a DSLAM which currently works
on ADSL2+ and which can operate on VDSL2.
At the moment following the acceptance of the VDSL2 standard
by ARCEP, you can change the standard of
your connection and go straight from ADSL2+ to
VDSL2 without any changes to hardware or waiting.

How does OVH do this? The cards that we use
in the DSLAMs are all capable of synchronizing
on ADSL2+ and VDSL2. The choice of the standard is
software and the hardware makes the two standards. Today
we configure the cards in ADSL2+ since the
VDSL2 standard is prohibited in France. As soon as it
is accepted, we change the configuration of
the card on your line and you move immediately
to VDSL2.

The Boxes that we propose today are ADSL2+
but only in the coming days we
will replace the entire line with Boxes
capable of synchronising with ADSL2+ and with VDSL2.

Important: VDSL2 is worth it for lines
less than 1.5km from the NRA. Beyond 2.5km VDSL2
is less effective than ADSL2+ and does not work
beyond 3.0km. Hence the importance of a configuration
that can support the ADSL2+ and VDSL2 at the same time
and on selection. There are still many unknowns
and the ability to switch between the two standards
in seconds is very easy. But the
choice is also based on the quality of
line and distance. For if your
line is more then 3km and you are automatically
in ADSL2+ and we do not even mention VDSL2 in
your case. VDSL2 does not work beyond 3km
and it is useless to lie by saying that there
is hope. It is fine up to 1.5km, really,
beyond that, the upload is more important than in ADSL2+
but beyond 3.0km is death.

VDSL2 innovation is only available on
our DSLAMs, and we are the first to wire
ADSL2+ customers on DSLAM ADSL2+/VDSL2 in
France. Others will do so (now).