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08-27-2011, 02:54 PM
If you have shared hosting at
OVH, you also have POP accounts.
Perhaps you could benefit from an MX Plan.

Just for your information: in the coming days
we will change the system of anti-spam
and anti-virus in order to better protect you against spam.

The tests we conducted were
very successful and so we believe we will
(finally) be able to offer a quality service
in terms of filtering spam.

This same system is being installed
on the mailout of OVH. For example if you
send an email using SMTP life
or via a PHP script on your shared hosting,
servers, mail-out deal with the
send to the Internet. now before
sending, all emails pass through
the anti-spam. The idea is to prevent the
spam from our own infrastructure
and OVHs IP being black listed.

We think the operation will be done in
late September