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IP unprotected
08-26-2011, 11:36 PM

Following the establishment of protection on the OVH network,
we had a lot of positive feedback.
Customers are happy to suffer fewer attacks
or see any at all.

But we have some customers who want
the network as open as possible and therefore have no
protection against attacks. Indeed,
the protections block very specific cases at the UDP layer,
particularly at the high speed point to point
VPN level, or file transfer protocols over UDP, and also IP to IP.

In this case, we decided to make a
beta test "unprotected IP", i.e. IP
failover with no protection at all. Open bar.
To avoid customers using it for the wrong
reasons and so that we do not end up with a badly protected
network again, it was decided to offer it at 5 euro
ex-VAT per month per IP. That is a price low enough for
these types of needs and high enough to avoid
this being used for fun.

The beta will start next week.