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LIL1 Datacentre
07-26-2011, 12:02 PM
For your information,

At the end of the year, OVH will be offering co-location, i.e.: racks and suites in Lille. Also, we will provide critical infrastructures that need two sites geographically separated by 1 tenth of a kilometre. We are also offering BCB (Business Continuity Plan) solutions , Cloud Computing on two sites, and storage with these racks on two sites.

The commercial objective is simple: some groups have their own datacentres that are reaching capacity. They need and want to switch to the Cloud Computing like the OVH pCC, but moreso these groups need to keep certain non-standard hardware or want to invest in hardware that OVH does not provide. The rack or the suite is then a necessary service to accompany the migration of customers to the Cloud.

So we have customers who love the pCC concept but want a service with racks secured with a key, locked and with different security levels and physical security such as PCIDSS. The service remains managed by OVH on the OVH rented servers but the customer, if they want can come and see their infrastructure. And if OVH needs to intervene on the infrastructure, we must follow the ISO procedures as defined by the customer.

For customers in Paris who have racks or suites, we can propose a secondary site 200km from Paris, interconnected with the waves (L2,1G or 10G service) unprotected or protected LAN, PHY or WAN, based on 2 different geographical routes.

To do this, OVH is currently purchasing a new building of about 10000m2, which is located 15km from RBX 1,2,3, and 4 in Lille. This building will be connected to the OVH network. We will provide racks and suites with 24/7 teams which can intervene on the racks. The site will also respect the ISO 27000 standard (equivalent to the USA: SAS 70).

In terms of prices, with LIL1, we are going to perform miracles.