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We've passed 100,000 servers....Champagne!
07-05-2011, 04:26 PM
That's it! We've surpassed the psychological barrier of 100,000 dedicated servers hosted in our datacentres. It is a round number that is interesting to recall when you are asked "OVH, do you know them?" "Yeah yeah I was there when they exceeded 100,000 servers in 2011" ... So there you are. In short, we are happy to host these servers for you. It's great

So how could we celebrate?

Remove the installation costs? On dedicated servers, VPS, PCC and telephony? Ok go! Let's be fools again! We only live once! That's it. There is no setup fee at OVH.

How long?

We end the introduction of PCIDSS and should be better able to manage the turnover across the the automatic payment, so you can order a service at OVH and when
you do not want us to renew you can click to let us know. That way we know whether to resume the server at the expiration date of the server. That's what happens with PCIDSS

Within a few days we'll continue the party by starting to test with U.S. and Canadian customers. We will offer them a few thousand servers (5000) to take the temperature of the US / CA market and their needs. We will understand very quickly what works and what doesn't at OVH.

In short, the party is likely to continue and we make no bones about it ..

All the best

PS. We will remove the installation costs for ADSL / SDSL in 10 days. The time to put in place the gamma version offers.