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Support quality
06-16-2011, 01:54 PM
Promised along time, we released the statistics on the quality of support at OVH.

Based on what we deal with every day: 1800 calls, 1700 email exchange of commercial and 500 exchanges on tickets.

You have 3 curves:
- When you talk to OVH support you can rate each response from -3 to 3.
Your ratings fall into this curve. It runs at about 1.2
- An external service provider specialiing in advice quality of support, listens to each member of support and reads each member about 3 times a day and assigns a score between 0% and 100%. Taking into account the listening quality, waiting time, personalisation, the answer given, etc. more than 35 points for every call / email. It runs at 83%.
- The time it takes the carrier to respond to your emails. i.e.: the time between when you post the email and the time you have an answer. It runs about 150 minutes or 2.5 hours.


This helps us to see what's happening and what's not happening

To finish, we have established the possibility of "I want to change the support" "I want to have access to the support person" and "the response is too slow." In these three cases in-house everyone is aware of a problem .. and things are set in motion ...

In short, if you are not happy with the support, you know what to do And at times when someone might be killed:

Overall, we did a lot of progress since September 2010 in terms of quality of contact, with notes, listening and training to better manage emotional contacts. And generally we maintain a level of quality, without the highs and lows. Gradually increasing.

The next step: Super support
All the best