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pCC new contract and 50% off every month
06-06-2011, 07:06 PM
To get the right feeling when reading this news item we advise you to listen to "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on loop for 5 minutes. minimum.

That's it? ... So here we go ...

Following the change of contract with VMware on the VM licenses, we have been able to simplify pCC billing and halved the bill for the majority of pCC customers by -50%!

How do you half the the bill by 50%?
Now there is no longer any VMware licensing billing at the end of the month of the started VM! You only pay for the hosts and the NAS. You have of course a license and OVH then pays it but calculates it differently. The license is included in the price of the pCC for any number of VMs running on your pCC. So we've simplified it.

We've also simplified the license types and have gone from 4 to 2. The "Standard + DRS" is available on the S & M hosts . The "business plus" is available on the L, L +, L++, XL, XL+.

Limitation: you do not have other licenses and you can't have "business plus" on the S & M hosts.

Todat, if you are taking a dedicated server to do ESXi you should consider the pCC. Why? Because now you have the default "Standard + RDS", so unlike a dedicated server you get a "free" license . It is a great present for the pCC in terms of features for the same price! You now have features like HA, VMotion, DRS and centralised vSphere which allows you to manage multiple hosts with a single interface. If you have more than 20 VMs on three hosts, one free license and a vCentre per server it's fast and loaded.
Same for the API.

You can also have a single host in a datacentre regardless of the license.

Prices for the S & M hosts and the M and L pack did not budge. Prices for the L+ L ++, XL,& XL+ hosts and the XXL pack changed.

And as already pre announced, we removed the promo on installation costs. And so here we go: The pCC is now available as "super stable"

The ability to create Windows templates has also been added: by checking the VM Windows templates that appear in the vSphere. The Windows license billing is done at month-end, use, and depends on the size of the hosts on which the Windows VM is used.
- €75 for the S & M hosts
- €150 for the L hosts
- €300 for the XL hosts

For current customers, the new contract must be approved by connecting to the Manager v5:


Hosts and storage resources are already permanent billed (invoice of June 1). On 1 July, the bill will include the price of hosts (new price) and
resources at the added time.

- VShield zone that isolates the VMs between it and avoid spoofs to your network
- VShield egde which can create your pCC vlan private groups and isolate them from VM
- VCloud that connects two vSpheres together and do 3 essential actions:
- Switch a VM of your own vSphere to the pCC at ovh
- Resume a pCC VM to your vSphere that you have at home
- To link your pCC with (future) a pCI to do Hybrid Cloud Computing
But also the same thing with VM and vApps that are a group of VMs. More generally you will be able to develop into the pCI for less, bring your pCI VM / vAPP to your pCC production or to your home (if you want host everything at home on VMware) or deploy a VM / vApp on your PCC / home on the pCI to be pinpointed anywhere in the world.

As i already said earlier ... Can't stop