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At last it's done
06-01-2011, 05:30 PM
1 month ago we said we would resend the list of all the sites that we hosts so that they could validate it with their method.

1 month later, after the statistics have been released: OVH has became No. 1 in Roubaix Valley and more widely for Web hosting in Europe with over 18'000'000 sites.

Thank you! It's cool and very nice that you trust us. And see that geeks unshaven and greasy hair can exceed quoted companies.

Our figures exceeded 100,000 servers, but we're waiting on confirmation from the judge after the come to Ovh. That way we will can't say "oh actually that's not right."
In late December, we have surpassed 2,000,000 domains but at the time with our head otherwise engaged we did not celebrate it. So now we're on about 2,300,000 and speeding towards 3'000'000 and then we'll open the champagne.

There. They're only numbers. and they show what we want to see. But it does not change the fact that we still have a job to do. Especially since the job is bringing us to 3 directions simultaneously: Cloud Computing, ADSL / SDSL and US / CA .. Maybe one day it will be announced that the Geeks at Roubaix Valley have taken over the World and are now attacking Mars

Hope this is in line with your needs.

Thank you!