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SSL stops its low end range
05-30-2011, 06:44 PM
Following the disaster of disasters at the SSL providers (which have the root in browsers) OVH prefer to stop the expense of of providing low cost SSL. It makes no sense. As we have too much negative feedback from customers, we playing with our image when in fact we can't do anything about it. And the service
not worth the trouble.

We will only propose solutions to turn on SSL for example Exchange 2011 or with PaaS load balancing: SSL is included, and the customer does nothing, we take care of everything. SSL on shared hosting will be maintained but the price will be reviewed. And we will still integrate the SSL-EV into the solution. Basically, we're no longer providing the text file key to install but OVH will install it and offer it as a ready to use solution.

A moment we thought buying a company that has the root to boost this market, but we realised that even if the cert is free that nobody cares. So the product is not intended to be sold en masse. So it must be sold more expensive it ensure the security and encryption. What confidence can we generate from €20 p/a vs. €1200 p/a for the same products? None. It's expensive so it's more secure. The market is very small and already dominated by 1 or 2 large U.S. players.

These are our conclusions we have already shared with you today and after lots of hesitations we needed to make decisions that are not simple.

There. Done.

We will come back to you with the ready to go SSL solution at the same time as we have our our brand protection solutions...