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Ovh Business Services and VIP support
05-30-2011, 03:46 PM
In recent years, I sometimes read that OVH is not commercial, OVH does not offer solutions support even if they are purchased. When the customer has a problem and it is out of contract, OVH is not commercially successful.

We had a lot of psychological problems to move from this type of performance to one that was more commercially relevant in telephone or
email exchanges. Probably because we're offering something for nothing in the DNA of OVH and it is very difficult to suddenly change people's views. And to be commercially relevant is way forward for OVH ...

Finally after multiple internal testing we are still not there. It is impossible for our technical support teams to offer a solution that's not free. We're afraid of proposing offers to customers that mean they have to change the offer and/or pay more. We prefer to say to customers "it is not included in the offer" instead of "it Is included in the offer but is more expensive". There. We almost prefer to say "no you do not need to pay much, change the offer to a cheaper one".

And so we decided to create another company in the group that we call OVH Business Services locally at Eurolille so its only 20km from Roubaix Valley. The goal is to create a new team with new load specifications and a new working environment. And to develop at OVH the commerical spirit across all our new internal structure. On one side there's the commercial team and across from them the technical team, pure and hard, all bearded (well all except some).

In only a short week, the OVH Business Services team has started its activity in Euralille and now takes incoming calls from prospects and then completes the subsequent orders in 1007. The team is growing every week and hopefully in about 6 to 8 weeks, all incoming calls will be managed by this new team with one goal: to be commercial. We will then have only one number at OVH - 1007. The number of James Bond

The tech support that you have received up to now will continue to operate in "VIP support" i.e.: if you subscribed to VIP, you have the name of the person who handles your technical VIP. And this is the team to Roubaix Valley which is 5 meters from the team manager who manages the service. Sometimes it helps

It is therefore recommended that customers who appreciated the support offered by the OVH tech here to subscribe to VIP support stand. And all other customers will be able to quickly assess the listening quality and commercial sense of OVH.

Learn more about VIP

As you can see OVH GS also offers support as Global Solution for all customers who want to get rid of managing a complex infrastructure and teams looking 24/7 with a project manager etc. This service is very expensive but its here at at OVH.

If you're a VIP you also have access to programs for resellers and solutions integrators for your customers.