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In 2 weeks we prodded (30/05)
05-30-2011, 10:36 AM

Here is the new roadmap for the next 6 weeks:

And here is what we prodded over the last two weeks:

Email Solutions
Exchange :
-Attaching a domain (Exchange reseller only)

- Statistics for accounts / licenses)

- Migration tool: imapcopy (beta)

Shared Hosting v4.17
New modules :
- Concrete5

- PhPList

Updating module:
- Prestashop

Webdav (beta)

Domains: : landrush :

Dedicated Servers v11.0
Certificates of Compliance

Distributions :
- Fedora 15:

- FreeBSD 8.2 :

- RedHat 6.1

Kimsufi 2011

Dedicated Servers + Kimsufi

Private Cloud v1.15

Reverse for datacentres in basic license
(effective 30/05)

License Management (Microsoft SPLA)
(effective 30/05)

VoIP v2.16

Choice of 01-05 and 09 numbers:
Personalise the three last digits of your number for free,
or select a Premium number for E5.00 per month, when
ordering an additional number.

Special 08 number portability:
Enjoy the benefits of OVH's 08 service, while
preserving your existing VAS numbers, thanks to
08 number portability.

New IVR in production:
Enjoy interaction with
incoming calls. The new SVI is now
fully activated, it is no longer limited to 30 mins
per call.

MoM 4.1.6

Deleting SMS history
Customising the server relocation script
Adding the type of call forwarding
VoIP Fix crash
Refresh "services" screen of a dedicated server

EcoFax 1.0a12

Address book integration native OS X

MoMi 1.7

- Management of responders
- Management of redirects
- Management of mailing lists
- Management of POP account filters
- Management of subdomains
- Access statistics
- Main FTP (state + password)
- IP Geolocalisation
- Dedicated server
- Display reverse in listings