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Network renforcement in Italy
05-20-2011, 02:36 PM

Just for information:

We finished the work to increase
our bandwidth capacity towards the main
ISP in Italy: Interbusiness.
We gone from 1x10G Milano (secure
with 1x10G to Frankfurt and 1x10G to Paris) to
3x10g in Milano with the same safety features.

We're going to upgrade the connection between
Frankfurt and Milan to change from 2x10G
to 2x 2x10G (on 2 different geographical paths).
This work should be finished next week.

Before the end of the year, we will connect
Milano to our Strasbourg datacentre. Thus,
our IT customers, but also DE, CZ and PL will
enjoy our services with a geolocation
physically closer to their homes and therefore
with better latency. Indeed,
Roubaix is 16ms from Milano, while
Strasbourg will be at 7ms ...

In September, we will also place a "mini-pCC"
(a mini private cloud computing) directly in
Milano allowing us to offer the VPS,
pCI and vCloud (VMware) directly from
Milano for our IT customers. We will also be
able to offer shared hosting
and email services such as Exchange 2010 on our

The same "mini-pCC" will be deployed in Madrid, Frankfurt,
Amsterdam and London to offer the same products.

2011 is the year of physical deployments
in Europe of OVH Cloud Computing.