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pCC jumpstart
05-16-2011, 01:50 PM

The privateCloud offer is being taken up quickly.
In less than six weeks just over
100 customers have already adopted it. This month we
made our first renewal
in terms of billing, and therefore we know that
more than 2500 VM are running on
the infrastructure.

We have a lot of companies that have their
own servers under VMware (hosting themselves
or with other hosting companies) that are
in the process of signing major pCC contracts
(more than 100 hosts). Their goal is:

- use the pCC for new projects
(and hence to no longer make investments
of their own).

- migrate a portion of the existing infrastructure in
OVH (project by project).

- use OVH as infra overflow
(when their own resources are insufficient,
they click and they take more OVH resources).

- migrating all their infra to OVH (and reduce
their own servers).

The pCC business model will be simplified
and we will incorporate the cost of the VMware license
into the price of the host. No cost
per VM. This simplifies everything.

We are going to improve the pCC in 3 directions:
- new features such as hardware
firewall, VPN, load balancing.
- new features such as VMware
vlan private and vCloud..
- infrastructure deployed in Europe and
USA with 4 main POPs and 10 secondary POPs.

In one month OVH will leave pCI which is the
same thing as the pCC but by VM and time.
This offering will directly compete with EC2.
The advantage of pCI and pCC is that it is based
on VMware and therefore compatible immediately
with all companies that already have
VMware installed. The migration of a
VM group with vCloud between two datacentres
is done in three clicks ...