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Dedicated server range 2011 5 of 6
05-04-2011, 03:40 PM
.... following from the 4/4 post ...


The 2011 range is a bit more expensive than the 2010 range. As you've seen we've integrated everything to be the best today. And it costs....:

- The SP range costs from €49.99 to €89.99
- The EG range costs from €109.99 to €149.99
- The MG range costs from €199.99 to €239.99

Installation costs are €49.99 which are removed for an annual payment.

We have chosen to offer quality even if the total cost of the server is higher. We haven't offered the lowest price because the quality would feel it, sooner or later.

The orders are running now. We'll start delivering later on during the night or tomorrow morning.

Find out more:

All the best,