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Dedicated server range 2011 3 of 6
05-04-2011, 01:42 PM
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3TB disks and GPT

With the 2011 range, we start providing 3TB disks at OVH. It's not just that there's more than 1TB or more than the 2TB disks but there is a lot to changes on the software side. Infact, MBR on the BIOS is limited to 2TB. So we go for GPT (GUID Partition Table) which allows to have ...
9.4TB instead of 2TB directly to the boot. Thus, we can offer you 3TB SATA discs on the MG range. On the rest of the range it's 2TB.


If you opt for the SSD disks, you start with 120GB. You can also take the MAX SSD range with 300GB. It becomes interesting with 300GB for virtualisation data directly on the server because you always have really incredible performances with the Intel X25-M range.


You can also mix SATA2 and SSD drives. Why? To virtualise by hosting data on the SATA2 and swap on the SSD.
In this case, we're using 40GB drives. This then also allows us to do the opposite: boot on the server and host all SSD virtual machines on SATA2.

SAS 15000rpm/min

For those who do not trust pro techs, we offer 15000rpm/min SAS drives
of 300GB! Pro! And so if the SSD performance makes you want it, but you do not
(yet) trust it, there is now SAS15k at OVH on the EG and MG range.


On the SP, you only have RAID-SOFT. On the EG range, you can take an optional hard RAID card.
On the MG range, OVH includes a mega-RAID card with a backup battery that powers caches. Instead of writing on the disks, the mega-RAID card
improves performance by writing on a cache. After the data is written on the disks, if there is ever a power failure on the server (it never does
of course), the data stored in the cache is not lost because the memory is powered by the backup battery ... The mega-raid card also improves flows to 6Gbps per disc instead of 2Gbps.

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