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Cloud training
04-14-2011, 09:08 AM

Cloud Computing is causing some shifts in our business.
The habits that we all currently have must evolve to meet
new needs, new challenges. With OVH constantly in a state of R&D,
it's expensive and costly.
But this is a necessity if tomorrow we still want
to have our clients.

We realized that its not easy to make you aware of
everything we know and how to do it.
Now it is essential that you are aware of the new
trends and how to best use them on all your
projects. OVH will put in place in approximately
10 days information relating to our internal R&D.
This is already partly implemented on the pCC
with a few articles. The goal is to provide you with
more everyday articles on how you can do this or
that, today. This will help you to enter into the
Cloud Computing revolution.

In parallel, we notice, for example, that the privateCloud
we released is pretty simple to use and therefore you
can quickly focus on real issues. Because the goal
is not how to connect servers with an NAS or what
type of NAS or how to install a new VM. The goal
is to quickly answer the real questions about added
value: to know what strategies can be set up for
deployments, what security for the strategic and
non-strategic data, what the disaster recovery plan
is. To do this, we need to have the knowledge of the
infrastructure and then test a little, then a lot and then obsessively,
then stop and reflect, then question, only
moving forward 3 or 4 times faster than before. It's a real
job that requires investment.

To help you in taking a step back from this and give you to chance to ask questions,
OVH will be giving tutorials about privateCloud
and on how to get to grips with it, deployment examples,
available technologies and how to use them, how to
implement procedures and program deployments
for maximum automation or even how to take advantage of the
marketplace. Our training will complement the training from
VMware that we recommend you do because it gives a
good foundation. Our training will be very pragmatic and we
will go to the heart of the matter to highlight
the power of the solution that we have implemented and
how to get all the profits out of it.

With the pCC installation costs (€500), we will
include one training day. This will be free.
Also, you'll be able to participate in this training day,
and see if it's of interest to you. And if so, take
the other days or every day on all the subjects.

This training can be done via Webex here, in
Lille at the EuraLille or directly to the customer.
For the latter, training could become
a project, so you can sat-up the OVH pCC on an existing infrastructure,
migrate an infrastructure to the pCC, do a Hybrid Cloud and thus connect
an internal Cloud with the OVH pCC, and
so do an audit of the interconnections between the client
and OVH, building a network, with fibre optic or SDSL.

At this level, we believe working with IT consultants,
trained and certified by OVH who can do this mission
there on site for the customer who will be under the direction
and responsibility of OVH. If you are a software company
and you are interested in learning more about these kind of tasks, please contact me at so that you can be included into our list of partners in France and Europe.