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HG 2011 for Cloud Computing
04-13-2011, 08:24 PM

Renewing the range of servers starts with updating the top of the range server known as the HG.

The design of the HG 2011 has been done to meet the needs of Cloud Computing: Virtualisation and Storage. You can customize your HG to specialize in Virtualisation, SSD (120GB and 300GB) or in storage (3TB SATA2 or SAS or 1/2TB 300GB/600GB 15kppm SAS). Or do the 2 on the same server.

The lossless 10Gbps network ensures high quality switching (L2) with many packets per second. So you can do storage on the network: for example virtualised storage on OVH's NAS. Or do HG storage and export volumes to NFS iSCSI or on other servers. In a vRack or not. More:

Finally, you have a server with 2 power supplies on 2 networks in a Tier-4 datacentre where everything is doubled.

The case has 12 hotswap disks that can be changed hot and you can add up to 2 racks with 12 discs each. Or 36 drives per server!

In case of hardware failure, our teams are there 24/7 with a 1 hour Intervention and repair in 2 hours. The network SLA has increased from 99.95% to a guaranteed 99.99% that allows us to say that we have less than 4 minutes downtime per month (excluding maintenance. later this year it should be 99.99% with maintenance).

In detail:
CPU: HG 2011 is the default with 2 CPUs with 6 cores each. Or 12 cores running at 2.66GHz. With the TurboBoost you have 3.066GHz on a core. With AES-NI, you can make the SSL/SSH directly in hardware on the CPU. VT for virtualisation. Optional: CPU 3.46GHz per core with a TurboBoost to 3.73GHz.


RAM: By default you have 48GB of RAM ECC you have further options of going to 96GB, 144GB, 192GB or 288GB of RAM!

The server is being offered at €399/Month. It's a bit more expensive than the HG 2010 for 3 reasons: we chose a more powerful CPU (6 cores instead of 4 cores), more RAM by default (48GB instead of 24GB) and we chose to include the new generation mega-raid (6Gbps/disc with a stack to accelerate write disks). In the 2010 range, these 3 reasons have been proposed as an option at about €2,500 ...

The discs are optional. We charge a once off installation at the start. Then its €0/month
- 3TB 7200rpm/min in SATA2
- 7200 1TB/2TB SAS
- 300GB/600GB 15000rpm/min SAS
- 120GB/300GB SSD in SATA2


With "professional use" €49/month
- RIPE IPs with installation charges are then €0/month
- KVM is integrated on the IPMI server at €0/month
- the 2nd 10Gbps port is connected to the virtual rack

Also be aware that you can change HG 2011 (And HG 2010) when you want. You can always ask us:
- To add more RAM
- To add more hard disks

That is it!